Asya Wright, Sophomore, Psychology

“Parker Adams has been such a joy to me for the past year and a half. This program has made my college experience one of a kind. I enjoy that Parker Adams introduced me to new clubs, resources, and life lessons needed throughout college. Coming in as a freshman and knowing little about the campus and living without my parents, Parker Adams provided me with many different ways such as guest speakers, peer activities, and community service acts to learn and explore my new home for the next four years.”

Toni Nelson, Junior, Criminology and Criminal Justice

“I liked that PA gave me the ability to make new friends, whether it be younger or older. I enjoyed having the ability to meet new friends and do fun or special events with them outside of the classroom.”

Nyla White, Sophomore, Biology

“In my opinion the common courses are extremely helpful. In PA you learn things that you will NEED in life such as how to build your resume, network, succeed in an interview, etc. These are the things college students need to constantly hear and be taught because everyone does not have the luxury of learning these things at home.” 

Max Wahoff, Junior, Psychology

“PA was the very first group on campus to welcome me in with open arms. The friends I have made in this group are friends that I know I can count on and will help me whenever I call on them. PA is also a very engaging and fun opportunity on campus and I will cherish memories that we made through the different events held during the year.”

Former Students

Taylor Sims, Graduate

“Coming into undergraduate program, I was very shy. The program really helped me turn that shyness into me being a sociable person allowing me to network and communicate better. Through the program I was able to meet one my closest friends who I still talk to on a daily. It helped give me a fresh start and accountability to do well my first year at UA. Definitely was a program I needed to find my way around campus as well as a person. 

Tracy Fowler Hanserd, Graduate

“I loved my time at Parker-Adams, and I am beyond thankful I was privileged to live there my freshman year.  I met my husband there, and we later named our twin boys Parker and Adam, see article, I met my best friend and maid of honor there along with my husband’s best friend and best man.

We still have a handful of friends that we talk to on a very regular basis, and I treasure those friendships that the Parker-Adams program gave to me. I would be happy to help you with anything you need, I love the program and hope that it never ends!”

Creshema Murray, Graduate

“Living in Parker Adams provided a stable foundation for freshman year matriculation at Alabama. I was only one of six people from my hometown going to Bama and to say that I was nervous about making friends is an understatement. PA provided me a safe space to live, take classes, and cultivate lifelong friendships.”


Jake Johnson, Graduate

“Being apart of Parker Adams has allowed me to prosper, not only in my education but in my life as well. The fellows, as well as the program coordinators, invite you into this family they have, and it is very easy to feel at home. Joining Parker-Adams was an amazing decision because through this program I have made many good friends and a few I consider my very best. PA will make you feel secure and comfortable, but it also has a knack for making you feel uncomfortable by pushing you out of your comfort zone and encouraging you to explore opportunities you will come across in your college career. If you fear that you’ll stress about your first year at the lovely University of Alabama, joining PA will allow you to relax and provide all the support necessary to be successful. Ultimately, it’ll help you grow as a person and build the skills and friendships that will last a lifetime.”