Events and Activities

Parker Adams students participate in a variety of events and activities, including:

  • PA at the Lake
  • Movie Nights
  • Mystery Murder Dinner
  • Informal Dinners
  • Holiday Party
  • Game Nights
  • Cultural Education Events
  • Career Building Seminars
  • Internship Information Seminars

Events Gallery

Embrace Tuscaloosa

Parker Adams student feeding a horse
Parker Adams students at a horse stable
Parker Adams students feeding a horse

Movie Nights

two Parker-Adams students with a puppy
Some much needed puppy time before finals start up!
a group of students on a couch
Everyone having some fun at one of our PA Movie Nights!
a group of students watching a horror film
Everyone is on the edge of their seat as we watch “The Boy” for our Spooky Movie Night!

PA at the Lake

two students on kayaks in a lake
Canoeing races at Boone Cabin! Just some friendly competition!
a group of students on a beach
An exercise to practice good teamwork with people you have known for an hour!
a student in a hammock
Taking a breather in the great outdoors! All that fun can really tire you out!

Murder Mystery Dinner

students performing at a murder mystery dinner
The murderer struck at our “Murder Under the Big Top” Mystery Dinner!
students circle around a couch
It will take a group effort to solve this mystery!
students hanging out in a lounge
They have solved the murder and the night is winding down!

Holiday Party

Just some PA pals rocking their ugly holiday sweaters a our “PA Holiday Party”!
Everyone is in good cheer at PA family dinner at the “PA Holiday Party!”
Faculty-in-Residence Dr. Larry Bowen being silly for the holidays!

Project Chimp Service Learning

Group pictures after a long day at work!
Getting some valuable information about our volunteer project!
Can they use teamwork to make dinner for the entire group?

Etiquette Reception

Our highly esteemed PA students are arriving for the evening.
We are all very grateful to have Mrs. Gina Johnson teaching us proper etiquette.
Winding down after a long night practicing our new dining and reception etiquette skills.