Events and Activities

Parker Adams students participate in a variety of events and activities, including

Events Gallery

Movie Night: Some much needed puppy time before finals start up!

Movie Night: Everyone having some fun at one of our PA Movie Nights!

Movie Night: Everyone is on the edge of their seat as we watch “The Boy” for our Spooky Movie Night!




PA at the Lake: Taking a breather in the great outdoors! All that fun can really tire you out!

PA at the Lake: Canoeing races at Boone Cabin! Just some friendly competition!

PA at the Lake: An exercise to practice good teamwork with people you have known for an hour!



PA at the Lake: On your mark! Get set! GOOOO!

PA at the Lake: Our racers are heading to the starting line!

Murder Mystery Dinner: Introducing our circus animals!




Murder Mystery Dinner: The night began like any other business dinner would, little did they know there would be “Murder Under the Big Top!”

Murder Mystery Dinner: They have solved the murder and the night is winding down!

Murder Mystery Dinner: The murderer struck at our “Murder Under the Big Top” Mystery Dinner!




Holiday Party: Just some PA pals rocking their ugly holiday sweaters a our “PA Holiday Party”!

Holiday Party: Everyone is in good cheer at PA family dinner at the “PA Holiday Party!”

Holiday Party: Faculty-in-Residence Dr. Larry Bowen being silly for the holidays!


Project Chimp Service Learning: Group pictures after a long day at work!

Project Chimps Service Learning: Getting some valuable information about our volunteer project!

Project Chimp Service Learning: Can they use teamwork to make dinner for the entire group?

Etiquette Reception: Winding down after a long night practicing our new dining and reception etiquette skills.

Etiquette Reception: We are all very grateful to have Mrs. Gina Johnson teaching us proper etiquette.

Etiquette Reception: Our highly esteemed PA students are arriving for the evening.